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Small bearing hit a large market

Release time:2016/10/10 9:58:07 Browse:2262
From scratch, the rise of our bearing is accomplished with the continuous upgrade of processing equipment.
Our bearing to introduce the most advanced professional bearing manufacturing equipment, therefore regardless of the transformation of capital to spare.At present, the company's CNC automatic processing equipment has been widely used, our bearing has become a domestic one of the most advanced bearing manufacturing enterprise manufacturing equipment.
Among them, with independent intellectual property rights and the current domestic first-class clustered super grinding production connection, can ensure that the product accuracy stability in P5 class above, accuracy requirements above 90%.
Sophisticated automatic assembly line of the input, to ensure that the uefa our bearings to provide users with more stable and reliable, economical and practical, excellent quality and reasonable price products.
The establishment of inspection and test center, make the company have a full range of testing the effective method of all kinds of raw materials used, to ensure the reliability of the raw materials used for the product quality.
Our bearing has already formed the miniature bearing production and miniature bearing production, neutral bearings and other bearing production and a reasonable layout of state-level technology development center.

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