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The effect of bearing sleeve and maintenance

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The effect of bearing sleeve and maintenance
Bearing sleeve is in order to protect the drive shaft, for some difficult to repair, remove or value higher transmission shaft, in order to protect the drive shaft from the wear and tear, in the design process will be installed on the outside of the shaft sleeve, and then install the bearing in the axle sleeve, ease of installation, maintenance.
(1) bearing sleeve is widely used in light load is easy to tear open outfit.There are a lot of bearing in the assembly and disassembly will meet with difficulties, especially in the box body internal bearing assembly is limited by conditions, application bearing sleeve can solve the problem of assembly and disassembly.
(2) bearing sleeve can adjust the tight pine, the machining accuracy of many body relax, make the machining efficiency is greatly increased.
(3) install the bearing sleeve also overcame the bearing axial channeling move.
So bearing sleeve is widely used, but there are also some deficiencies, bearing sleeve accuracy directly affect the radial runout of spindle.

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